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Why Bride preparation package so popular?

The wedding must be the one that the brides want to give herself the confidence that she must be the most beautiful woman in the event, because it is very important day in life. When there is a chance to be a bride, we must taking care of ourself. Is it Right ?
Masumi Spa proud to present a package bride preparation.

You will be pampered with 6 steps of our spa package.

    • Herbal Steam 30 mins

      • Body Scrub 45 mins

      • Body Wrap 30 mins

      • Milky Bath 30 mins

      • Masumi Gold Creamy Massage 60 mins

      • Facial Treatment 45 mins


Let ‘s see How important in each step

1.Herbal Steam

Stimulate blood circulation, increase the oxygen in the blood, Open the pores to be prepared for skin care.

2.Body Scrub

Body scrub is a part of being a bride. The important one to help for body scrub is “Jasmin Rice Body Scrub”. Remove the dead skin cell, reveal clear skin, smooth and soft skin.

3.Body Wrap

Body wrap is good for skin rejuvenate, taking care of skin. Masumi Spa's body mask contains the milk protein. Rejuvenate the skin to prepare for the creation of new and more radiant skin cells.

4.Milk Bath

Soaking in a mineral water and milk good for Stimulate blood circulation, increase the oxygen in the blood. The pressure and temperature of the water can be help to relieve muscle pain, relieve stress. Helps to nourish the skin. Make the skin look radiant, soft and smooth to touch as well.

5.Masumi Gold Creamy Massage

Gold creamy massage containing gold, cherry blossom extract, mineral water, vitamin C, ginseng extract an improved circulation of blood as it help to beautify your skin more, a beautifully rejuvenated look, helps to moisturize the skin, reduce dryness, slow down aging, nourish and rejuvenate the skin to tighten and repair damaged skin.

6.Facial Treatment

Facial treatment it cleans dirt on the face, taking care of skin, remove the dead skin cell. Important steps of facial treatments is a massage can be help to stimulate lymph circulation making the skin look radiant and younger looking face.


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November 3, 2020

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