Q1: Are there any taboos or suggestions that cannot be massaged?

  • Should get a massage after meal at least 30 minutes.
  • Do not get a massage too severe or take too long time, because it may cause inflamed or bruised, especially rare muscle areas. Such as parotid, near collarbone area, armpit, etc.
  • In case of elderly person who have any congenital diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure must be careful when doing massage.
  • In the case of a person who has high blood pressure and abdominal arteries are sacculated should not press abdomen area, because it jeopardize to the splitting of the main abdominal arteries which causes to depart.
  • The person who is infectious which is having a high temperature more than 38 degrees Celsius, pain and swollen should not get a massage.
  • The person who just have an accident or just go under the knife should not get a massage.
  • Too severe of back bending may cause the lacerated of tissue, if it’s nearby the nerves will be damaged.
  • Pregnant women cannot do foot massage, Thai massage or other stress massages except other beauty massages, such as scrub etc.,

Q2: Is it safe to get a massage during pregnancy?

It is safe, only you inform us how many weeks you are pregnant in order to get an appropriate suggestion. Should get a massage after 16 weeks pregnancy.

Moreover, should avoid heat treatment, sauna and body wrap, these can lead the high temperature, which may affect blood circulation and the baby. For the careful way should check with a doctor before get a massage.

Q3: Where is Masumi Spa in Chiangmai?

New Masumi spa is a white building located on Huay keaw Road away from Sirimangkalajarn intersection 50 meters (Same road with the old place) and the parking for customers is behind the building


For more information please contact 053-213490, 091-0690469 or Line ID: @masumispa

Q4: Is Masumi Spa has pick up car for customer?

We have pick up car within Chiangmai city areas include Nimmana Haeminda Road, Huay Kaew Road, around the moat of Chiang mai areas, airport, Tha Phae, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The customer must inform us at least 1 hour before getting a massage time.

Q5: How many ways of payment?

Cash (Thai Baht), Credit card, Zhifubao, Jimu, and BITCOIN

Q6: Could the customer change therapist during massage or treatment?

The customer can change the therapist within first 15 minutes of massage.

Q7: Could the customer choose the therapist?

The customer cannot choose the therapist, because all of therapists have already passed the expert training. On the other hand, if the customer ever got a massage here before and be satisfied with their services, the customer can choose that therapist by notifying receptionist the name of a therapist.

Q8: Is there any suggestion for getting a massage?

  • Avoid heavy meal or alcohol at least 1 hour before getting a massage. However, getting a massage while have empty stomach is not recommended.
  • Should arrive spa 15 minutes before appointed time in order to get ready for massage, such as take a rest, drink water or herbal tea.
  • Avoid exposing to the sun before get a massage.
  • If you put decorations on, have to take off and keep it in the safe which our spa provided, but the safest way is keeping it at home.
  • During the massage should close your eyes and take a deep breath, it will help you to be more relaxed.
  • During massage should turn off all communication devices for the real relaxation.
  • During the massage if feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied should immediately inform the therapist.
Masumi Spa, 117 Huay Keaw Road, Suthep, Muang, Chiangmai 50200
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